From visualisation to reality, ifse partnered with M&S to provide a full open plan kitchen and restaurant

ifse joined the M&S team for almost a year of pre-design during which time the building was re-stacked a number of times and the restaurant moved to different floors.

The final design is an open plan kitchen and free flow servery majoring on using M&S ingredients that are available in their stores. A large theatre cooking area has proved highly successful and a unique feature to Merchant Square is a counter where customers can select from the current range of M&S ready meals. These are prepared to order in a bank of micro Combi ovens and a wireless call back system lets the customer know when they can come back to pick up their meal.

We worked with the Main Contractor who was in charge of the whole building fit out to deliver a first class staff restaurant, our eleventh major project for M&S.

Merchant Square is one of the buildings which form the M&S Head Office complex in Paddington Basin.