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Welcoming Estimator Joshua Lewis to the ifse Operations Team

May 1, 2024

Welcoming Estimator Joshua Lewis to the ifse Operations Team

May 1, 2024

As we continue to grow the company thanks to a flourishing 2024 so far, it’s with great pleasure that we welcome a new estimator to complement our dedicated Operations Team.

Migrating all the way from the other side of the planet, Josh talks us through his new role, interests and aspirations for his future at ifse…


What’s your new role at ifse? Who will you be working with and what will you be doing?

I started my ifse journey as Trainee Estimator a few weeks ago in March 2024.

Since I have little experience in estimating, I’m grateful to have been taken under Jess’s wing, who’s teaching me absolutely anything and everything you need to know to become a strong estimator in the catering industry.

I’m happy I get the chance to work with different people from different departments in ifse, with the new role requiring close collaboration with the sales and design teams to quote for drawings, plans and equipment for client projects, ensuring all information is up to date and as accurate as possible.


Tell us a bit about your background, qualifications, and recent roles across the catering industry. 

Funnily enough, my background and current qualifications don’t relate much to the new role at all, but there are many transferable skills I’ve developed throughout my 4 years of teaching in my hometown of Brisbane, Australia before moving to the UK.

Back in Australia I also worked for a burger joint for 5 years, so I’m not completely alien to the catering industry. It was valuable experience that helped me to understand the importance of design, layout and equipment selection to get the most out of your catering operation.

The transition to this new role also coincides with an online Construction Management course I’m currently undertaking, which I’ve found really complements my new role at ifse so far.


What’s a project you’ve worked on that you’re proud of?

Not entirely work-related, but I’m proud to have raised £10k after participating in Movember for the last 7 years, doing my part to raise awareness surrounding men’s health issues like prostate cancer and suicide. So if you see me with a big moustache in 6 months, you know why!

Aside from this, I’ve been getting into home-brewed beers recently. It’s a work in progress and the results certainly haven’t been breath-taking so far, but at least they’ve been ‘drinkable’…


How have you found the first few weeks at ifse?

So far so good! Being new, not only to the company but also to the design & construction industry, It’s clear that I have HEAPS to learn.

It’s great that everyone has been so helpful and welcoming, plus the additional bonus of being able to attend training days to learn and develop new skills is truly appreciated, especially since this was never really an opportunity provided to me throughout my teaching career.


What do you do to unwind outside of work?

I’m a craft beer connoisseur and huge Liverpool fan, so you can expect to find me either relaxing at the brewery with a couple of pints (professionally-brewed) or at the pub watching Liverpool battle it out in the Premier League.


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