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SpeeDelight is the new professional solution for any food business on the move!

It’s a dual-plate commercial cooking application with the first and only combination of three direct and indirect cooking technologies through contact plates, infrared radiation and microwaves.

Ensuring chef-like perfection with every snack!

Wow your customers with the brand new SpeeDelight

Here at IFSE, we understand the needs of a modern and busy quick service restaurant. From customer service to kitchen management, can be a juggling act! That’s why SpeeDelight is the perfect solution to your business.

EXPAND YOUR MENU with the SpeeDelight and 1000s of cooking options it gives you with quick start buttons and automatic cooking modes. 

With TRIPLE PLAY, SpeeDelight combines direct cooking (contact plates) and two kinds of indirect cooking, microwaves and infrared technology. 

The plate knows just where to settle when you close the lid: whether your cooking a pizza or bakery item PERFECT SQUEEZE will make sure every snack is made with chef-like perfection!

The HAS YOUR BACK functionality of SpeeDelight ensures that the lid opens automatically when your snack is ready. Relax your snack will never burn!

Reasons to choose SpeeDelight



Turnover like you’ve never seen before!

SpeeDelight gives you record speed when compared with a traditional sandwhich press.


Expand your menu!

SpeeDelight cooks a wide range of snacks: sandwiches, pizzas, bakery items and much more. Multiple results items in one simple solution!


Integrated into your business!

SpeeDelight is wifi enabled, meaning it can fit right into your kitchen management system, allowing you to see reporting or alerting you if something is wrong!


Just right, everytime!

The excellence is in the detail, thickness, crispness, grill marks, taste and flavour.

Peace of mind solutions with our customer-care packages

Accessories and consumables for premium maintenance.

This kit will keep your SpeeDelight high speed cooking device in peak form so it can do what it does best: brush, spatula, scraper, removable teflon plate, baking paper, silicon protector, cleaning solutions, rapid grease.

SpeeDelight Leaflet 

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FLEX SpeeDelight Datasheet

The latest data sheet on the FLEX model

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