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Achieve lower catering equipment costs with the largest catering equipment discounts available in the market. 


IFSE continues to be one of the major commercial catering equipment distributors in the UK. Our partnerships with major brands like Unox, Rational and Electrolux and many more, mean we are able to supply everything from basic cooking ranges to full state-of-the-art, multi-functional, branded suites utilized by Michelin star restaurants.


Achieve lower equipment costs with the largest discounts available in the market thanks to our over 35 years experience in the industry and our links to the largest commercial catering equipment brands.

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Our Equipment Brand Partnerships

The Right Equipment at the Best Price. 

Our team of experienced estimators will find the most suited equipment to your requirements.

Because we aren’t linked to any one specific manufacturer, our independence allows up to impartially advise on the best solution for your equipment needs.

We work with all catering equipment manufacturers to provide you with the very best discounts and deals available, driving equipment costs down.

Without reducing the quality of the catering equipment, we can offer a more tailored package for businesses focused on cost management through value engineering exercises.


Whilst achieving reductions on initial capital expenditure, we also focus on the long term cost of equipment, giving you an accurate and efficient ‘total life’ cost.

This exercise ensures peace of mind that your business is utilizing equipment that offers the best in energy efficiency, the lowest maintenance costs and longest average lifespan at the right price.

Leasing Made Easy. 

Make purchasing catering equipment work for you and your business without typing up initial capital. With Shire Leasing, we offer a full range of finance solutions that offer specific advantages over outright cash purchases available for all types of business, large and small.

Benefits of Leasing:

  • Spread the cost over 1/2/3 years
  • Tax deductible payments
  • No initial capital requirements
  • The best equipment at the right price
  • Fixed and easy payments

Specialist Equipment by IFSE

We work with our partners to provide the commercial catering equipment market with some of the most advanced technology that increases food service efficiency and improves customers’ dining experience.


Be amazed by the ultra fast, three-way cooking technology. Your snacks will be perfectly crospy outside and cooked just right three times faster than a standard press!

Table Tracker

Table Tracker is a table location system that identifies where guests are sitting, delivering better guest experiences and operates your business more efficiently!

No matter the size of your kitchen, the budget of your project, IFSE can tailor our equipment packages to suit your exact needs.

Find your Perfect Catering Equipment

Talk to our dedicated catering equipment specialists for advice and guidance for your food service facility.